SкаScreeper — 20-12-2007 17:32:30

Отличительные особенности проекта: Th e A-class offi ce and shopping centre is designed in a modern architectural style. Th e building was constructed using state-of-the-art engineering systems. Th e distance between columns varies from 6.2х6.0 to 6.2х9.1 m. Th e facility is connected to telecommunications systems by the providers Arctel and Reccon-D using optical fi bre networks. A sprinkler type fi re extinguishing system is installed. A professional management company manages the offi ce and shopping centre ensuring that all engineering systems in the building operate in an uninterrupted manner and the premises are kept orderly and clean. Th e building has a well developed infrastructure that includes a bank offi ce, cafeteria, and shops located on the ground fl oor and a restaurant on the second fl oor. Payment terms: a three-month rent deposit; payments are made in advance on a quarterly basis.:cool: