22-09-2008 14:10:40

Volgograd-city centre construction start-up was solemnly inaugurated on the 07th of September in the micro-district 104 of the Central district of Volgograd. The project presupposes an all-round building development of the whole micro-district 104 with over 150.000 m2 of floor space and 100.000 m2 of commercial and business offices.

Integral building development with ramshackle edifices demolition aims at solving a complex of tasks, such as organization of the whole system of house-building, administrative and business offices, cultural, public and consumer services centre. The first point of the project will be a new Business-centre with administrative and business offices, fitness centre, entertainment centre, hotel and public catering institutions.

The final projects aim is to modify considerably the social infrastructure of the Central district by means of taking away from the cultural and historic centre of the city a big part of administrative buildings.

A unique modern class A office & retail complex VolgogradCity
(now under construction) which is a part of the integrated development
of 104 micro district within Tsentralny district of Volgograd, will
include 5 modern apartment houses, a hotel, an auto-mall as well as
social infrastructure units: a kindergarten, school, health center and
Volgograd City is located on Rokossovskogo street, in front of the first
new bridge over the Volga river, next to the historical and memorial
complex Mamaev Kurgan the most visited monument of military
glory in Russia
Total area of the complex 55 000 sq. m
27-storey office building with a helipad
3-level shopping center in the stylobate of the office tower. The
center includes a restaurant, fitness-center and shopping gallery
Modern fronts panoramic glazing
Modern engineering systems, including BMS
Schindler elevators
State of the art telecommunication systems
Increased security in the building
Two-level underground parking

The premises will be delivered in shell & core in the 4th quarter of

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Great job, !

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Thank you ... schal images why not open. I'll try today to put the picture.